Why A Hyundai?

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A vehicle is likely to be the second most expensive item a person will purchase (after a home). Before choosing a vehicle, there should be consideration of many factors. For families purchasing a car, safety and reliability can be of paramount importance. Frugal customers may consider the total cost of the vehicle, financing, warranties and fuel efficiency. Hyundai offers something for everyone with a strong price point, standard safety features and the best warranty of any new vehicle. For those who believe that buying American is important, it is important to note that many new Hyundai are manufactured here in the USA at Montgomery, Alabama.

Safety is an important feature for parents and for those who want to keep insurance premiums low. Hyundai offers airbags and active headrests that prevent or reduce injury in case of an accident. Front and side driver and passenger airbags are standard on all Hyundai vehicles. Front and rear crumple zones reduce the impact of collisions on passengers which can further reduce the risk of injury. Traction control and stability control help the driver to maintain control of the vehicle during inclement-weather driving conditions and emergency situations. Stability control helps to maintain vehicle control by braking as necessary to prevent fishtailing or plowing. Anti-lock brakes can further increase safety precautions by preventing skidding and loss of control in emergency braking situations. Each new Hyundai also includes a 5 year, 24-hour roadside assistance program in case of emergencies. This program will provide jump starts, towing, flat tire changes and other roadside emergency assistance in case of emergency.

Hyundai vehicles are reliable and efficient. With fuel efficiency up to 36 mpg for highway conditions, driving a Hyundai offers substantial savings over older, less efficient vehicles. Hyundai vehicles are reliable enough that they come with the best warranty in the business. New vehicle warranties include a 10-year, 100,000-mile power train coverage which includes transmission or transaxle components that are defective or damaged through normal use. A 5-year, 60,000-mile new vehicle coverage warranty includes protection for the audio system, paint and finish, air conditioning, battery and standard wear items such as brakes, clutches, filters and wiper blades. A 7-year warranty against body perforation covers any rust or corrosion of the body sheet metal that occurs during normal use. The 8 year, 80,000 mile emission defect warranty will cover replacement of any major emissions control components that require replacement if a vehicle fails an emissions inspection.

Hyundai Motor Finance offers attractive purchase and leasing options and specials. Many dealerships also offer trade-in appraisals and credits to make buying a new Hyundai easier. Used Hyundai are reliable and inexpensive alternatives to purchasing a new vehicle. Leasing may also be an effective way to reduce monthly vehicle payments and avoid the burden of being 'underwater,' or not having finished paying off a trade-in vehicle when purchasing a new one. More information can be found online at hyundaiusa.com or at a local Hyundai dealership, such as Hyundai of Greer in Greer, South Carolina.

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Why A Hyundai?

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This article was published on 2010/12/06